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Leadership tips and tools to become a great leader

Like a Boss: Boss, Buddy, or Leader, Which One Works Best for Your Team?

Boss, Buddy, or Leader, Which One Works Best for Your Team? No matter your political affiliations, no matter where you are employed, culture changes as societies change. Failure to do so is exactly why almost everyone has a ‘bad boss’... Read More

Build Strategic Allegiances with Experiential Training Methods

Strategic allegiances (not alliances) help your organization assess and eliminate risk. Experiential training methods show you the way. In the 1920’s, if you worked in or owned a company, (public), you could expect to have a secure position for around... Read More

How to Level Up Your Organization

Training Your Business for the Future I would like to begin this article on how to level up your organization with an admission: I love business. Not just my own company, mind you, but the concept of people from different... Read More

How to Retain Your Employees

Dealing with the different Generations It seems as if we hear the words, ‘millennial’s’, ‘Baby-Boomer’, or ‘Gen-X-Y-Z’ every day now. These simple words, and the concepts which they embody, seem to be on everyone’s lips these days. Yesterday morning, I... Read More

Front-Line Managers

It doesn’t matter how great you think your company is if your front-line managers think it sucks Let me tell you a little story about front-line managers. “Well, Master Trainer Rk, our business is a little bit different than most…”... Read More