Humanizing Performance – GPS

Humanizing Performance
Global Performance System (GPS)

We've teamed up with our partners in order to help change the global work culture for the better,
and offer you insights that you've never had before into your own organization

Arizona State Universities Project Humanities - Global Human Performance Study and System

We've partnered with ASU, MindSuite Metrics, and the New York Times Best Selling Author of 'Tribal Leadership' John King, in order to bring you an opportunity to change at least the culture in your organization, and at most the global work culture for the better. You can participate in two ways



Be a part of the Global HumanizingPerformance Research Iniative with Arizona State Universities Project Humanities

Participate in the largest effort to truly improve work culture, and increase the level of happiness in companies around the world. Tell us your story, by answering some simple questions that tell us what your work experience is like, the good, the bad, and the ugly. With this information, the science teams at ASU, as well as their colleagues take a look at how happy people ACTUALLY are in their work environments, and what commonalities exist with all people working today so that organizations can understand what, and how to improve.


Participate with a group, your team, or your entire enterprise, and get access the data, and the dashboards for your organization so that you know where to focus your resources to improve your culture

Complimentary Health Check

You and your team, site, department or organization will receive a complimentary health check to determine where you’re at overall. Afterwards, both us and our partner will schedule a meeting so we can go over the results, and how other companies have been overcoming any issues you may be facing.

Dashboard Access

Get Access to the Humanizing Performance GPS dashboards, and reports so you can see how effective your training, your policies, or your message is being received on an ongoing basis


Receive Access to Training Standards International’s expertise, and experiential training methods, as a way to take action and provide next steps.


We will have one of our partners, and/or ourselves schedule a follow up with you periodically to share any new information we have, as well as come up with some new ideas where you may be experiencing a challenge


Complimentary Health Check

See how your team, site, department, or organization are receiving your message and policies at no cost


Plan With Insight

Brainstorm solutions with people that have experience in improving work culture in every industry


Real-Time Access

Get access to your reports whenever you need it, in order to check the progress and the state of your culture.



Get access to live dashboards where you can compare your organizations data however you choose


Next Steps

After discovering the state of your culture, you’ll have resources to use in order to take action if you choose. 



Use Experiential Methods, and the most up-to-date data to decide the best way to make adjustments to make your culture better, and your people happier. 

Humanizing GPS Bundles

With these bundles you can leverage both the Humanizing GPS, as well as Training Standards International's Experiential Learning Services,
and watch the progress of your culture improve in real-time

Basic Bundle

  • Free GAP Analysis
  • Free Health Check
  • Culture Status Meeting and Discussion

Improvement Bundle

  • Free GAP Analysis
  • Free Health Check
  • Culture Status Meeting and Discussion
  • Access  to Humanizing GPS System
  • 1-on-1 guidance sessions  (1 person)
  • 90 days of follow up support

Culture Bundle

  • Free GAP Analysis
  • Free Health Check
  • Culture Status Meeting and Discussion
  • Access to Humanizing GPS System
  • 1-on-1 guidance sessions (1 person)
  • In-House Material Assessment
  • Custom Material Development
  • 4 Experiential Learning Events
  • 90 days follow up support