About us

About Us

We are the premier experiential learning company that specializes in training all levels of the workforce not just how to improve
their productivity, but how to improve their culture and happiness along with it

SINCE 2010

The World’s Most Effective Training

To learn a little about our company, you have you to know what our passions are. We believe that learning is the most important activity that we can take part in, and to do so properly, we must remain the most up-to-date, and agile in all learning methods. We're so passionate about helping people learn effectively, that we leverage all kinds of different learning methodologies dating back all the way to Socrates, which is where training really started, and arguably who it started with. When trying to help someone learn, we believe it's best to use the criteria that the learner understands, and simply question that understanding and it's part in achieving a goal.

Often people aren't challenged into learning, and doing so from behind a podium happens even less often, which is why you won't find us there. We much prefer to interact, have a laugh, or have a discussion with the whole room. In order to learn a person often must step out of their comfort zone. Our goal is to use the experience that people already have, and nudge them to step outside of their comfort zone and take a look at something in a new way. We challenge them to look at the issue at hand, and not just the symptoms. When we cultivate an environment for innovation like this, we simply encourage the learners to use their new ideas, and above all... have fun!

Socratic Method

We often use discussion and the Socratic method to eliminate theories in a learning event, and this helps everyone get on the same page.

Modern Learning Methods

We use modern learning methodologies such as Andragogy,  Pedogogy, Kirkpatricks and many more in order to facilitate the learning during an event. 

Our Services

All of our services are a unique experience, and all of the information that is covered will be worth remembering


Get access to our Master Training Staff, ask questions and get the guidance you need


Choose a topic to start, and then customize the event to your company and culture


Create custom education programs to maximize the positive change in culture


Work with our trainers to update the workbooks or materials for your organization

Mentor Academy

Design a custom Mentor-ship program for your organization, and make the best matches for progress


Customize a company university, that maximizes production at each stage, and employee empowerment


Train your training staff on the most up-to-date learning styles and methods in the industry and stardizations


Use a metrics driven Global Performance System to track the progress of your people’s progress

Our Executive Team

Since 2010, our executive staff has been working to make the best training on the planet.

Rk Springfield

CEO & Co-Founder

Rk has worked with companies across the globe, and oversees all of our R&D, Business Development, Facilitation, and Training & Development efforts

Travis Marlette

CFO & Co-Founder

Travis has worked in the financial sector for over a decade, and oversees all of our Financial, Technology, and Operational efforts.

Core Values

  • Honor the client, and the company
  • Conduct Business with Integrity
  • Be Fair
  • Create fun, and a little weirdness
  • Keep an Open Mind
  • Build Honest Relationships
  • Training is the Beginning, Not the End
  • Encourage sameness in our family

Media Kit

This is a quick glance at some of the packages of our services that we offer

Basic Package

  • Free GAP Analaysis
  • 6mos of 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Training Assesment
  • R&D for custom solutions

Standard Package

  • Free GAP Analysis
  • 6mos of 1-on-1 coaching
  • Training Assesment
  • R&D for Custom Solutions
  • 3 On-Site Experiential Learning Events
  • 90 days of follow up support

Ultimate Package

  • Free GAP Analysis
  • 6mos of 1-on-1 coaching
  • Training Assesment
  • R&D for Custom Solutions
  • Program Design
  • 8 Experiential Learning Events
  • 6 mos follow up support