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Experiential Training

These are Experiential Training Techniques, Methods, and Stories

Business Storytelling

How to Use Personal Stories That Make an Impact Many people ask me about my barn story. It’s a part of business storytelling that’s necessary for being a trainer. It’s a story that I mention during conversations once in a... Read More

Build Strategic Allegiances with Experiential Training Methods

Strategic allegiances (not alliances) help your organization assess and eliminate risk. Experiential training methods show you the way. In the 1920’s, if you worked in or owned a company, (public), you could expect to have a secure position for around... Read More

Targeted Communication

Find the right audience and ensure your message reaches them for successfully targeted communication. Let’s begin this article on targeted communication with a little story. See, I used to work behind the scenes on a popular morning show. The following... Read More

How to Level Up Your Organization

Training Your Business for the Future I would like to begin this article on how to level up your organization with an admission: I love business. Not just my own company, mind you, but the concept of people from different... Read More

How to Retain Your Employees

Dealing with the different Generations It seems as if we hear the words, ‘millennial’s’, ‘Baby-Boomer’, or ‘Gen-X-Y-Z’ every day now. These simple words, and the concepts which they embody, seem to be on everyone’s lips these days. Yesterday morning, I... Read More

What is Experiential Training?

In order to talk about experiential training in any way that truly matters, we must first talk about training itself. What is experiential training? What do most of us think of work-related learning? Maybe sitting in a classroom while someone... Read More

Front-Line Managers

It doesn’t matter how great you think your company is if your front-line managers think it sucks Let me tell you a little story about front-line managers. “Well, Master Trainer Rk, our business is a little bit different than most…”... Read More

How To Build an Experiential Training Program

Training Standards International, Inc. doesn’t just throw out the manual while helping you build an experiential training program. We do it with a smile. This is one of the most frequent questions I receive about building an experiential training program:... Read More

What are Experiential Training Methods and Activities?

Experiential training methods and activities breaks away from the boring, traditional way to learn…even in a corporate environment. When I first entered the workforce, I did what nearly every other employee ever did. I sat in a back room, watching... Read More