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Take advantage of one of our experiential services, or service bundles to begin your journey
to a better, happier and more productive work culture

Help Us Design the Experiential Learning Event That You've Been Needing

Your culture is unique to your company, so we will need your input in order to design each experiential learning event or program to ensure the information is received well, and so the fun has a place to start!



With our experience, and our R&D team, we can provide you expert guidance on how to navigate some of the pitfalls the competition overlooks

With Training Standards Internationals team of experts, we provide the most up to date information, and methods of training during our one-on-one guidance sessions. We will also share with you insights and stories of what’s been happening in companies around the globe,  in order to mitigate the newest challenges facing companies as well as individuals in their pursuit of success.


We can help you design and create experiential learning events, programs and whole universities for your staff to participate in, take ownership of, and run independently of a third party.

Mentoring Academy

Create a Mentoring Academy within your organization in order to help knowledge transfer from retiring staff members to those who want to succeed

University Design

Design and Implement an internal University with educational steps towards success for employees that are eager to succeed, and for those long-time employees to see that there’s opportunity internally


Have Training Standards Internationals’ experts come to your facility and update all of your training materials, and empower a group of your people to take over the facilitation and innovation of any of the programs we’ve done at your company.
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Understanding the needs of the customer or the individual is our primary focus.

Understanding your culture is important to us, so our experts will familiarize themselves with both individuals and teams

Let’s face it, not often are we prepared to become leadership. We’ve just done our job well, and then one day someone said ‘your being promoted to manager’. All of the mandatory training that you have to go through never really teaches us how to lead people towards success, or how to communicate effectively to your new level of leadership, so we’re left to figure out how to do that on our own.

The one-on-one coaching that our experts provide will guide you towards becoming a great leader for both your direct reports, and your leadership. We can give you some tools, some advice and some inside information on how good managers become great leaders, and start to move up the corporate ladder.

While there’s many ways to do this, we will show you ways where you can maintain or improve your happiness level, along with your staffs.

Coaching is done on a subscription basis, and duration start at 6 months, and go for as long as you need it.

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These events are designed with your companies unique culture in mind, and the goal is having the participants learn directly from their experience

These experiential learning events are drastically different than the same old training seminar where the facilitator stands behind a podium and reads from a power point slide. Our trainers engage all of the participants, and are interactive, and encourage discussion, activity and participation in each of these events. These events are very fluid by nature, so any topic can be discussed, and in doing so, both the trainers and the participants get to have fun with it.

Each custom event is designed specifically for the culture and the needs of your organization, and leverages the experience that people have already had in order to help them see something familiar in a new way. Sometimes, it’s just helpful to have an objective set of eyes on a challenge in order to acknowledge and overcome it.

These are usually one-day events (8 hours total), and take place at a site of your choosing, be it in the office or conference room. They generally cover one topic, although our trainers are talented enough to cover some of multiple topics depending on your needs.



Topic Category Description
Multi-Generational Leadership Strategy Understanding Multi-Generational Employees
Change Strategy Change Management
Collaborationg Strategy Collaborating Across Silo’s
Managing Remote Strategy Managing Remote Staff Effectivley
Strategic Management Strategy Strategic Performance Management
Strategic Thinking Strategy Thinking Strategically
Leadership Strategy Leadership Fundamentals
Advanced Leadership Strategy Leadership Alliances and Strategies
Root Six Sigma Root Cause Analysis (Six-Sigma Lead In)
Six Sigma Six Sigma Six Sigma Fundamentals
Sales Sales Sales Techniques and Empowerment
BE Agile Project Management Project Management Advanced Project Management
Project Management Project Management Fundamentals of Project Management
LEAN Lean Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing Method
Sexual Harrasment HR Related Preventing Sexual Harrasment in the Workplace
Dealing with Difficult People HR Related How to Deal with Difficult People
Behavioral Interviewing HR Related Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
Confrontational Management HR Related Confrontational Management Methods
Diversity HR Related Diversity in the Workplace
Listening Developmental Activle Listening
Meetings Developmental How to have Effective Meetings
Leading to Inspire Developmental Motivation, Inspiration, and Empowerment
Accountability Developmental Personal Accountability
Personalities Developmental Personality Types
Team Building Developmental How to Build a Better Team
Time Management Developmental Time Management Techniques
Emoting Developmental Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure
Cusomter Service Customer Service The Essentials of Excellent Customer Service


Work with our experts to Plan, Design, and Implement Your Program to improve Culture and Productivity

Work with our Master Trainers to design and customize a program to help multiple departments, sites, or headquarters all get the same new information and methods in performing their tasks. Our programs are usually designed specifically to effect the culture of a large organization in order to improve efficiencies and cut out the misunderstandings.

Our team usually designs multiple learning events over the course of a year or more, in order to increase communication, optimize workflows, empower innovation and accountability, and to improve the over all culture.

All of the topics that are used in the design are approved by our customers, and contain company branding, so that the customer owns all of the content of the material. We understand security is of very high importance to our customers, which is why the materials we create together will be created solely for your organization specifically, and then given to you to secure as you see fit.

All of our programs have a support period of 6 months after program completion, where any participant, or sponsor that may be having difficulty adjusting, can contact our expert staff and ask questions, or even ask for guidance in a situation.

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Choose the right learning for your staff, and let us help you develop it

Turn your unique challenges into opportunities, and let our team of trainers will work with you, in order to develop 3 custom experiential learning events that you will own upon completion, including materials.

If you have a unique challenge, or have recently had a unique event that requires special attention in order to help your staff, department, or company, and you would like to make sure that you have the most up-to-date information, methods and practices in your materials that your facilitators can present, you can leverage our R&D department, and our on-staff trainers in order to get the most effective experiential learning materials.

You can either choose to have an internal facilitator present these events, or you can request a TSI facilitator come to your site and present the materials upon completion.

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We go on site with your staff, and shadow your team during training

Your company is unique, and so is your culture. Sometimes there’s too much information that people either forget to say, or just don’t say in a conference setting, and sometimes that’s the information needed in order for the participants to get the most from the event. Enter Immersion Training.

Our trainers will come on-site with your staff and shadow them during their regular day in order to immerse themselves in the culture, and get the best understanding of how your company operates day-to-day.

There’s no facility our trainers won’t go to, so if you need us to be there during a graveyard shift at your manufacturing facility, or a regular day shift at your hospital or office, we will be there ready to help.

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Let us help you design, build, and implement a mentoring academy for your organization

Empower your people to meet their personal success by connecting them with a mentor who can help guide them in their career at your company.

All participation is voluntary, though we’ve found that many people are more than willing to take part in a full mentor academy to advance their career and their knowledge.

We will help you design the academy, train the new mentors to prepare for the protege’s, train any trainers that will be maintaining the program long term,  help you come up with the internal marketing for the program and then offer support for the next 12 months after this program has launched.

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Develop the tracks your employees can use to progress in your company

Let us help you design a company university set with the tracks of success that lead to the advancement of your people.

Each university is unique to the culture, as well as the company, and the tracks of success are designed with the empowerment of your people to take control of their success at your organization.

We will help you design curriculum, train the staff to track progress using the GPS, train your staff to make any adjustments to the program, and keep up to date with the priorities of your organization in order to assure continuing success of each participant.

At the end of this program you, and your company will have a team of well trained people, that have the ability to train within the university, and track the participants progress to report to leadership. Your staff will also know how to be agile and make adjustments to the curriculum, or the content in order to keep aligned with the priorities and culture of your company.

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Help your staff understand the efficiencies of presenting, facilitating, and training and develop their own

There is a strong difference between Presenting Material, Facilitating Learning, and Training Participants, and with each step there’s details that make all of the difference.

Training Standards International has developed required skills needed for all aspects of these roles, and these skills can be developed by anyone who has a drive to do so. With these skills, your staff can take their new perspective, and use it to innovate material and events with it, and make adjustments to the material for the most up-to-date research that has been done.

Our Master Trainers will teach your people the best presentation techniques to help people get the most from the material, how to facilitate the process of learning by guiding some participants that may be challenging, and then how to do the necessary research and development required for a new event, so that they can begin to assist in cultivating progress in a better way.

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Have a key-note speaker at a company event, or retreat and help inspire and empower your people

Your Key-Note speakers usually take center stage at any of your company events, so it’s important that they are confident, and their message is clear and concise, yet they remain flexible enough to accommodate the needs of your organization, and keep things interesting and fun.

The speaker that comes to your site will be prepared to speak on a topic you choose, whether it’s leadership, innovation, inspiration or anything else you can think of. While they are speaking, they will also remain agile enough to engage the audience, and maybe even help then deal with a challenge or two, but they will certainly keep people having fun, and laughing if at all possible.

Our speakers don’t usually use podiums to stand behind, but they do have a habit of stepping off the stage to interact with their audience and keep their attention, and even get to know the people they are trying to inspire.

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Experiential Learning

Use your own organizations experiences and knowledge to help the learning stick


Extended Support

Each one of our services comes with a continued support plan to ensure success



Work with our Certified Master Trainers to customize the materials and content to be used in every learning event


Latest Learning Techniques

Our R&D department woks diligently to uncover the latest trends and solutions in your industry


Immersion Training

watch learning happen in real-time when our trainers come and shadow your people during your hours of operation


Completely Unique

Each Learning Event isn’t created until your organization requests it, so the material will never exist before an event, or after.

Experiential Learning Packages

Experiential Learning uses your organizations own experiences, and situations to make the learning last long term

Consultation Package

  • Free GAP Analysis
  • Free Health Check
  • 6mos of 1-on-1 Coaching

Standard Package

  • Free GAP Analysis
  • Free Health Check
  • 6mos of 1-on-1 coaching
  • In-House Material Assessment
  • Custom Material Development
  • 4 On-Site Experiential Learning Events
  • 90 days of follow up support

Ultimate Package

  • Free GAP Analysis
  • Free Health Check
  • 6mos of 1-on-1 coaching
  • In-House Material Assesment
  • Custom Material Development
  • Program Design
  • 8 Experiential Learning Events
  • 6 mos follow up support