Total duration: 6 mos – we only allow the scheduling of up to four events per client, per month
This experience is designed by our Master Trainer towards the goals and objectives of your company, but offers some additional feedback and guidance for your management staff in order to assist with your teams developing success. This experience will deliver the curriculum through:

  • 5 custom events (up to)
  • 3 coaching session

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Each event will be about six hours in length, and can be chosen from our current list of events, or we can tailor them to your changing needs over those months. Our team will work with your staff to deliver the most accurate content, and we will use our techniques to enhance the experience for all of the attendees. After the completion of the curriculum, all materials that were created during this experience are yours to keep if you so choose.


We have no limit on the number of participants in each event, but we would prefer if the
participants remain the same for the duration of this experience. That will help to manage the continuity of who the content is reaching at each stage of the process, as well as the integrity of the content for each of the attendees.

Coaching (up to 2 hours)

The Coaching portion of this experience, will not begin until the completion of all scheduled
events, and lasts for up to sixty days after the completion of these events. The session will be done with up to three members of your management staff, and feedback will be given during these times as to the status of each participant. The goal is to help managers understand what their participants have learned, and what they have done with the information they received.

The Coaching portion of this experience is good for up to 60 days past the experience