Each Event is a learning experience that lasts for about six hours, and then is completed. These events usually cover one topic of the client’s choice, and can be custom tailored to meet the changing needs of your corporate environment.


Each of our Events are designed with the latest and most up-to-date training information on any
of the topics we provide. We use the latest training techniques to convey the content our events
to each participant. We are well versed in all manners of learning styles, and our events will have something for each type in order to ensure content delivery to as many participants as possible.


For each event, we have a limit of 50 participants, unless you have subscribed to one of our experience packages. The level of participant is up to you, and we are just as comfortable with ‘C’ Level executives as we are with general employees. To us, our job is convey the necessary information to you, so treating one level of employee differently than the rest, challenges the integrity of the content and we prefer to maintain our level excellence.


Most events last for about 6 hours, not including lunch, and breaks. There is usually a 1-hour break for lunch, and two thirty minute breaks during the day. We withhold the right to end any event a bit early, however we will also ensure that we have conveyed all of the outlined material before we end an event. This is out of respect to each of our trainers, and the travel arrangements that usually cannot be delayed.

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