Level 3

Maximumm levels


This is usually done in a conference call, and covers the participant’s status by giving and
receiving feedback and assigning ongoing objectives for each participant. This is normally done in the form of a conference call but if another method is preferred please discuss it with the trainer during scheduling. We are dedicated to the success of our clients, and prefer to ensure that each client has the information that they need to continue in driving success for their teams.

Participants: (unlimited)

There are up to three participants on this call. Usually this is with the manager, and up to two other managers in order to keep up with transparency within the clients organization.


Usually these sessions are up to two hours. This gives the trainer enough time to familiarize themselves with the on-going objectives of each participant, as well as gives the manager(s) and trainer a chance to innovate and assign new objectives for continued alignment if necessary.

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