Executive coach aligning team members


This is when a Trainer will come out to a site of your choice to work in real-time with your team on the content that was presented in the prior service in order to solidify and ensure understanding of the material for the participants. This is not limited to one place, as we are just as familiar with a manufacturing floor as we are with offices. We will withhold the right to change the location in accordance to the safety risk of our trainers.

Participants: (unlimited)

There is no limit in participants for a live coaching session, however we have found that coaching is most beneficial for the employees who attended the prior service.


Most Live Coaching sessions will last one standard work day, but no longer than 8 hours. It is common for clients to ask our trainers to come and ‘work a shift’ with their managers in order to assist with the application of the material that was previously presented.

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