Work with a Master Trainer to either come on-site, in real time, to assist with the application of our the material or schedule a follow-up call to go over your employees status and next steps for their career.

Maximum levels

Level 3

This method of coaching is designed for on-going objective innovation, as well as participant feedback. We ensure accountability for each objective reached or missed.

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Executive coach aligning team members

Alignment Coaching

This method is designed to align, or re-align, employee’s to the company’s direction as it’s usually done in a ‘Live’ setting. Our trainers will come onsite to assist with the delivery of this coaching.

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Rk is one of those amazing people you meet only a couple times in a lifetime! I met Rk early in 2012 for management training as my career was changing from being a developer to being a team leader. His training was phenomenal. But what put him over the edge is his ability to read people and make suggestions to make them better. After watching my group do an exercise for 5 minutes, he called me up to see him. He told me that I was holding back and that I have a lot to offer the group. And if I didn’t apply/assert myself, my group would miss out on my gifts. Rk was 100% right. And that was the turning point in my career that I knew leadership was for me!

Over the last 5 years, Rk has challenged me to find a Team Lead and train them, build a 5-year plan and think bigger than my current role as manager has taken me. On top all this, I followed the principles that he taught in his class. This definitely played a factor in getting 3 promotions in this time frame. Rk has been gracious with his time as we have connected on multiple levels through many phone conversations. Without Rk’s guidance, I wouldn’t be half the manager/leader I am today.

Brad Miller

CSM Corporate Systems Manager, LIDS Sports Group