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Our Trainers have traveled all over the world training companies and government agencies, and learning from those organizations. There are new things that challenge organizations every day, and keeping up with them is a challenge in itself.

Our team watches trends, and gathers information on a daily basis, in order to come up with new solutions to the problems organizations face, and we even go proactive to come up with things that we can see will be a challenge in the near future.

The content that we deliver is the most up-to-date information out there, because our team is passionate about what they do, and we all prefer to remain on the cutting edge.

We are active in the online communities to discover some of the latest trends that are occurring, and we also work with our clients and partners to remain on top of the latest corporate challenges.

Training Methods

Our trainers are experts in things like Kirkpatrick, and andragogy, but there is never just one way to do things. We have spent years developing our methods in things like experiential training, and the Socratic Method to come up with the best systems to use for content delivery.

We continue to seek out new methods, and our ears are always to the ground listening for new practices, and better systems to do what we do. Our team is dedicated to delivering all of the content in the most efficient way possible. With things like technology, we are enabled to look far and wide for new ways to provide top of the class service to all of our clients.

Cross Industries

Training is a universal tool for education, and performs the function of ongoing education and learning. In every industry there are always unique challenges, and in every company there are always specific needs. At TSI we provide that service, and that service is relegated to a specific industry. Our content delivery can be received just as well at a hospital, as it can at a manufacturing company, and has been in the past.

Our team of trainers and master trainers work together to share experience and knowledge for each industry, in order to meet those unique needs that are only present in that arena.

As our teams share experiences, we gain more information and knowledge in order to innovate better methods of service and content delivery.

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