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TSI is the premier source for experiential training. We provide onsite learning events and ongoing training education, tailored to the unique training needs of your organization in order to transform your company’s people from managers into leaders.

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  • What are the FOUR most common communication failures between Millennials and Gen-Xers? Find out on page 6
  • What is FOUR GENERATIONAL MANAGEMENT ENVIRONMENT? Page 7 uncovers the answer you’ve been looking for.
  • Page 9 defines what a generation really entails?
  • What is the ‘hidden’ purpose of Generational Information? Page 14 unravels the answer.
  • What is the ONLY time that being ‘punitive’ is acceptable? The answer can only be found on page 24
  • The issues and misconceptions of the ‘Boomer’ generation. Page 28 clarifies it for you.
  • Page 31 shows you how do you deal with ‘Push back’ from a Gen-Xers.

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