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TSI is the premier source for experiential training. We provide onsite learning events and ongoing training education, tailored to the unique training needs of your organization in order to transform your company’s people from managers into leaders.

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  • How do you manage and communicate with the multi-generational employees in your workplace?
  • What are the 4-GEMs?
  • Why don’t people just come in and do their jobs?
  • Why do some 40’ish people seem be so harsh?
  • What is a Legacy Employee?

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What is Experiential Training Method and Activity?

What is Experiential Training Method and Activity?

The goal an experiential training method or activity is to have the participants talk and interact about their own knowledge, skills, and experiences in order to have a more personal, measurable tie to the new knowledge, skills, information, that will be measured after the learning event.

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What is Experiential Training?

What is Experiential Training?

Experiential Training is a form of training that encourages the student, participant or learner to grow through his or her own experiences. By combining theory, practice, and directed experimentation to produce practical, accountability-driven engagement. The best aspect of experiential learning is that the training changes constantly to give the learners an active role of accountability for their own results.

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